The Cart Without The Horse

Over the past few years America has seen a resurgence of major social movements. Not since the era of civil rights has the news been plastered with widespread protests by organizations, debate over these groups, and positive and negative outcomes from them. I must admit my elation at the even more recent explosion of social activism over the past month with the women’s march. However, as these social movements grow at an exceptional rate and become more ubiquitous, one glaring issues tends to dominate debate on the legitimacy and effectual nature of these movements. What do they want? Now it is understandable for a person that aligns with any of these social groups to answer: “better rights” or “for politicians to listen” yet these answers and any other answers, dare I say, fall short of satisfying that question. This is not because the social groups messages are unclear whether its Black Lives Matter, March for Life, or any alt-right group. The reason their answers fall short is because they speak as a homogenous group with heterogeneous ideas. A pundit, a news caster, a comedian, or commentator cannot decisively say what legislation these groups want to pass, what politicians these groups back, or even what are the major grievances, outside the one of its origin. Continue reading “The Cart Without The Horse”



As we move forward into political and social uncertainty I wanted to create a space where not only all ideas would be considered, yes even the baseless stupid ideas, but I also wanted to create a space where we critically look at everything we consider inherently right. This includes our political positions, news sources, academic sources, social understanding, and personal philosophies. The best way to understand the depth of something is to understand what isn’t there. Continue reading “Mission”